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The study team consists of researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University studying nutrient management in Jordan Lake within four broad categories.

Natural Science Research

Bill Hunt | NC State University
Evaluating Long-term Nutrient Removal Performance of a Bioretention Cell in Chapel Hill

Rick Luettich & Harvey Seim | UNC-Chapel Hill
In Situ Observational Study of Jordan Lake Water Circulation & Exchange

Brent McKee | UNC-Chapel Hill
Suspended Sediment Inputs to Jordan Lake

Hans Paerl & Nathan Hall | UNC-Chapel Hill
In Situ Observational Study of Jordan Lake Phytoplankton Dynamics

Diego Riveros-Iregui & Joseph Delesantro | UNC-Chapel Hill
Quantifying Nutrient Loading Across Gradients of Sanitary Infrastructure and Development Intensity

Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Kathleen Gray, Grant Parkins & Megan Rodgers | UNC-Chapel Hill
Understanding Stakeholder Perceptions of Water Quality in Jordan Lake (year 1);
Engaging Stakeholders & the Public in the Work of the Jordan Lake Nutrient Management Study (years 2 & 3)

Deanna Osmond | NC State University
Agriculture in the Jordan Lake Watershed (year 1)

Danielle Spurlock | UNC-Chapel Hill
Community Engagement for Integrated Stormwater Management Implementation

Policy & Finance Implications

Jeff Hughes & Erin Riggs | UNC-Chapel Hill
Paying for Nutrient Reduction & Management in Jordan Lake

Modeling Efforts

Jim Bowen & Dan Obenour | UNC-Charlotte; NC State University
Jordan Lake Models (year 3)

Brent McKee | UNC-Chapel Hill
Sediment Inputs into Jordan Lake (year 3)

Mike Piehler | UNC-Chapel Hill
Quantifying Sediment Nutrient Processing in Jordan Lake (year 3)