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Thursday, April 7, 2022

10:00am – 3:00pm
North Carolina Botanical Garden
Chapel Hill, NC

Symposium Agenda


The UNC Institute for the Environment collaborated with the Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA)  to provide the 2022 Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy and Research Symposium. The purpose of this year’s symposium was to inform stakeholders of recent research that has been funded by the NC Policy Collaboratory and UNRBA’s efforts to re-examine the Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy. The symposium featured updates from researchers from UNC, NC State, and East Carolina University, as well as the UNRBA.

Questions about the symposium can be directed to Grant Parkins, Watershed Education Coordinator with the UNC Institute for the Environment,

Speaker Presentations

The UNRBA Pathway to a Re-Examination of the Falls Lake Nutrient Management Strategy – Forrest Westall

In-Lake Processes

In Situ Observational Study of Falls Lake – Rick Luettich, Tony Whipple, Harvey Seim, and Ollie Gilchrest

Assessment of Zooplankton-Phytoplankton Relationships in Falls Lake – Nathan Hall and Mike Piehler

Monitoring for Algal Toxins in Falls Lake – Emily Pierce, Will McClure, Marco Valera, Joseph Mohn and Astrid Schnetzer

Defining the Balance Between N2 Fixation and Denitrification – Nathan Hall, Mike Piehler and Hans Paerl

Watershed Processes

Sand Filters and Silva Cells – Bill Hunt, Caleb Mitchell

Evaluating and Managing Nutrient Inputs From Onsite Wastewater Systems in the Falls Lake Watershed: A Multiscale Approach (pdf), (video)- Guy Iverson, Michael O’Driscoll, Charles Humphrey Jr., John Hoben, Natasha Bell, Jennifer Richardson, Ann Marie Lindley and Jordan Jernigan. Video

Sediment and Carbon Accumulation in Falls Lake – Brent McKee, Sherif Ghobrial, Mackenzie Wise, and Alyson Burch

Stakeholder Engagement, Financing, and Future Work

Assessing Controls on Watershed Nutrient Loading Through Data-Driven Modeling – Dan Obenour

Paying For Nutrient Management in Falls Lake – Evan Kirk, Elsemarie Mullins, and Erin Riggs

UNRBA’s Re-Examination: Where We Are, What We’ve Learned, Moving Forward – Forrest Westall